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I have been carving since I was a teenager and can offer various services in this area. From one off commissions, such as commemorative plaques or gifts, to replacement carving for missing or damaged carving on furniture or decorative items. One of my restoration projects was to a fire damaged plaque in Swansea Unitarian Church and over the years I have restored many damaged or missing carvings to my customer’s possessions.


 The flower on this Victorian Chair was damaged . On the left the replacement part can be seen being carved. The right shows the repair polished in. 

The astragal beading on this door had suffered considerable damage as can be seen on the left. The Right shows the beading after carving and befor staining and polishing to match the original.

The leg for this piece was damaged beyond saving (left) the middle and right picture show the replacement leg underway.


The above three images show just some of the love spoons I have carved over the years.

These four images show some of the walking stick heads I have carved over the years.

These drinking cups and wedding ring bowls show some of the many I have produced over the years. Each is hand carved and (when a commission for a special occassion) I never repeat a design, so each can be unique.

These three images show the carving in progress for the repair of a clock's feet.

Thee three images show various replacement parts that had to be carved for these chairs. On the left the arm . In the middle the top rail of the back. On the right the rear facing leg.





These three pictures show the damge to a Windsor chair arm being repaired and the repair polished in to match the rest of the restored chair.

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